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Ronald C. Williams PhD


I am passionate about my life's work and have intentionally integrated what may otherwise be seen as unrelated disciplines. This approach has enabled me to find enjoyment in a continuous learning process while pursuing excellence. Click here for a more detailed biographical summary


George Washington University

School of Business & Public Management

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

  • Concentrations

    • Primary - Organization Behavior and Development

    • Secondary - Management of Science, Technology, and Innovation

Current Certifications

  • Online Learning Consortium - Online Teaching

  • United States Equal Employment Opportunity - EEO Investigator 


Johns Hopkins University

Master of Administrative Science (MAS)

  • Concentrations

    • Human Resource Development

    • Organization Development

University of Tampa

Bachelor of Arts (BA)

  • Majors

    • Psychology

    • Social Science

  • Certification - Secondary Education

New Me Seated 1.jpg


My career spans several decades in my first post-undergraduate position as a district management trainee for a convenience store firm on the midnight shift across from a lively country & western bar in Tampa, to the insurance industry in Baltimore. This early, five-year beginning set me on a path to become a transdisciplinary, socio-technical, ingepreneurial, organizational community-building, values-centered leader who continues to seek growth. Download the curriculum vitae below for more details.

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