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Personal Pillars
Professional Practice
  • Wholistic Living

  • Lifelong Learning

  • Socioeconomic Elevation

  • Community Wellbeing

  • Family Connections

  • Professor

  • Researcher

  • Writer

  • Consultant

  • Speaker

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Organization Transformation 

  • Organizational Community Model

  • Institutional Trust Model

  • Ingepreneurial Practices

  • Technology Adoption 

  • Quality Assurance and Innovation

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2019 Eurpoean Conference

on Innovation & Entrepreneurship

University of Pelopennese 

Kalamata, Greece

I believe that common interest can be the seedbed for trust where historic distrust exists. Trust drives community-centric solutions.

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Urban / Rural Solutions to Common Economic Problems

2019 New England Maker Summit


Hartford, Connecticut



One of my ambitions is to contribute to the academic, corporate, and community discourse concerning issues that matter.

"Top Workplaces are like nurturing communities"

Baltimore Sun

November 29, 2018

Creating a University Driven "Ingepreneurial Ecosystem in West Baltimore: A Strategy for

Rustbelt Revitalization

Metropolitan Universities

Spring 2017

"To Know Us Is To Love Us: Developing a Culture of Data-Informed Inclusivity

Nation of Makers: Make the Data

December 6, 2019

How a Baltimore makerspace is encouraging trust between local residents, businesses, and institutions

Brookings Institution

December 10, 2019

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Social impact may be measured individually and collectively. Presentation of innovative ideas is one way to "move the needle." 

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