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Personal Pillars
Professional Practice
  • Wholistic Living

  • Lifelong Learning

  • Socioeconomic Elevation

  • Community Wellbeing

  • Family Connections

  • Professor

  • Researcher

  • Writer

  • Consultant

  • Speaker

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Organization Transformation 

  • 8 million in direct impact to Baltimore City annually

  • 9.9 million in direct impact to Maryland annually

  • supporting 118 jobs -- 85 from member businesses and 33 staff

  • 55 member-owned business

  • 91% of staff living in Baltimore City

  • 1800 youth served onsite in 2018

  • the largest incubator in Maryland as ranked by the Baltimore Business Journal

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​This descriptive case study examines the launch, operation, and outcomes of Makers Unite, a collaborative emergency PPE production project spearheaded by Open Works. Open Works was able to use institutional trust, community collaboration, and Lean Manufacturing practices to produce 28,270 face shields in 56 days, averaging a production rate of 496 per day. The project included six full-time staff members, five temporary part-time staff members, a network of 388 volunteers and their printers, and two partner organizations until its conclusion on June 12, 2020. The study reveals best practices for establishing Lean small-scale manufacturing, developing institutional trust, building community collaboration, and developing a more agile supply chain in healthcare equipment production and other sectors of the economy.

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I believe that common interest can be the seedbed for trust where historic distrust exists. Trust drives community-centric solutions.

Capitol Hill Maker Faire 2019

Capitol Hill Maker Faire 2019

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Urban / Rural Solutions to Common Economic Problems

Dr. Ron Williams - New England Maker Summit 2019

Dr. Ron Williams - New England Maker Summit 2019

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2019 Eurpoean Conference

on Innovation & Entrepreneurship

University of Pelopennese 

Kalamata, Greece

2019 New England Maker Summit


Hartford, Connecticut

2020 Industry and Inclusion Project

Academic Advisor

2020 Capitol Hill Makers Faire

A Makerspace's Response to COVID-19 PPE Shortage

Recent Articles
& Contributions

One of my ambitions is to contribute to the academic, corporate, and community discourse concerning issues that matter.

"Top Workplaces are like nurturing communities"

Baltimore Sun

November 29, 2018

Creating a University Driven "Ingepreneurial Ecosystem in West Baltimore: A Strategy for

Rustbelt Revitalization

Metropolitan Universities

Spring 2017

"To Know Us Is To Love Us: Developing a Culture of Data-Informed Inclusivity

Nation of Makers: Make the Data

December 6, 2019

How a Baltimore makerspace is encouraging trust between local residents, businesses, and institutions

Brookings Institution

December 10, 2019


Racial Equity and Advancing the Future of Manufacturing


June 23, 2020

The Century Foundation

Image by Josh Hild

A Trust Framework for Economic and Socioeconomic Advancement

Conference Proceedings ECIE 2019 Academic Conferences and Publishing International Limited

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Industry & Inclusion: A Blueprint for Action


June 22, 2021

The Century Foundation

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Industry & Inclusion:

Manufacturing Workforce Strategies Building an Inclusive Future

A UMA Report

Recent Conference Attendance &

Social impact may be measured individually and collectively. Presentation of innovative ideas is one way to "move the needle." 

September 2019

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October 2019

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November 2019

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This series consists of three one-hour sessions, focusing on key areas of a sustainable makerspace: Financials, Growth, and Leadership. Participants will gain an understanding of metrics that can be measured and tracked within their organization. The team will be utilizing data from the Nation of Maker's 2019 Survey of Makerspaces to show examples of metrics and patterns to identify in your makerspace. We don't expect to have a definitive answer at the end of each session, but a template and a path forward for an organization to assess, set goals and track through the year. 

Sustainability: Building & Supporting an Ecosystem
That Sustains Us All - Nation of Makers June 3-6, 2020